At Preservation Plank Floors, we produce two different types of floors. The first type is produced from reclaimed wood that is salvaged from old dilapidated barns and buildings. The second is produced from what we call newly sawn wood. Our newly sawn wood comes mature logs that are sustainably harvested from carefully managed forests. Therefore all of our floors are green products that help to preserve our planet’s natural resources.

Custom Surfaces

Our craftsmen can add special custom surfaces to our flooring products to recreate the aesthetic appeal of the hand crafted floors of our forefathers.

Moldings, Treads and Exposed Beams

The right accessories are essential to ensuring that your floors are properly accented. We custom mill stair treads, handrails, crown moldings, baseboards etc. to match all of our floors. Exposed beams are essential in creating certain rustic and modern design looks. We have the ability to provide any type of exposed beams required.


We occasionally offer items at substantial discounts. These specials are produced with the same high quality stanadards as all of our others floors but we can offer them at reduced prices because they are overstocked.

Custom Furniture

We custom make rustic style furniture from both our reclaimed and newly sawn woods.

Architectural Salvage

Through our our salvage operations we come across unique items such as old doors, fireplace mantels, old signs and reclaimed brick.

Cabinetry Material

We custom cut and plane our reclaimed and newly sawn material for use in cabinets and other woodworking projects.